Sydney Airport Departures (SYD)

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Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Brisbane (BNE) Jetstar JQ810 06:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Virgin Australia VA901 (5) 06:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Air Canada AC2721 06:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Etihad Airways EY6818 06:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Hawaiian Airlines HA4067 06:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Qatar Airways QR6333 06:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Singapore Airlines SQ6422 06:00 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK415 (1) 06:00 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Qantas QF8415 06:00 Scheduled
Nadi (NAN) Fiji Airways FJ914 (1) 06:00 Scheduled
Nadi (NAN) Qantas QF3863 06:00 Scheduled
Gold Coast (OOL) Jetstar JQ400 (1) 06:00 Scheduled
Gold Coast (OOL) Qantas QF5400 06:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ501 06:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF401 (2) 06:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Air New Zealand NZ1801 06:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Emirates EK5401 06:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA800 (4) 06:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Etihad Airways EY6823 06:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Hawaiian Airlines HA4118 06:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qatar Airways QR6326 06:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Singapore Airlines SQ6836 06:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Qantas QF500 (3) 06:05 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Air New Zealand NZ1700 06:05 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Emirates EK5500 06:05 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) IndiGo 6E4706 06:05 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Jetstar JQ952 (1) 06:10 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Qantas QF5872 06:10 Scheduled
Sunshine Coast (MCY) Jetstar JQ784 (1) 06:10 Scheduled
Sunshine Coast (MCY) Qantas QF5784 06:10 Scheduled
Denpasar (DPS) Jetstar JQ39 (1) 06:15 Scheduled
Denpasar (DPS) KLM KL3831 06:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ503 06:25 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Jetstar JQ762 06:30 Scheduled
Hobart (HBA) Jetstar JQ719 (1) 06:45 Scheduled
Hobart (HBA) Qantas QF5719 06:45 Scheduled
Ballina (BNK) Jetstar JQ456 (2) 06:50 Scheduled
Ballina (BNK) Emirates EK7508 06:50 Scheduled
Ballina (BNK) Qantas QF5456 06:50 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Virgin Australia VA1409 (3) 06:50 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Etihad Airways EY6413 06:50 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Hawaiian Airlines HA4044 06:50 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Qatar Airways QR7159 06:50 Scheduled
Townsville (TSV) Jetstar JQ912 (1) 06:50 Scheduled
Townsville (TSV) Qantas QF5912 06:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ505 06:55 Scheduled
Denpasar (DPS) Batik Air OD172 (1) 06:55 Scheduled
Denpasar (DPS) Batik Air ID5338 06:55 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Virgin Australia VA909 (5) 07:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Air Canada AC2719 07:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Etihad Airways EY6793 07:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Hawaiian Airlines HA4153 07:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Qatar Airways QR6335 07:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Singapore Airlines SQ6692 07:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) QantasLink QF1575 07:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA808 (4) 07:00 Cancelled
Melbourne (MEL) Etihad Airways EY6894 07:00 Cancelled
Melbourne (MEL) Hawaiian Airlines HA4124 07:00 Cancelled
Melbourne (MEL) Qatar Airways QR7202 07:00 Cancelled
Melbourne (MEL) Singapore Airlines SQ6808 07:00 Cancelled
Melbourne (MEL) Rex ZL9 07:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Qantas QF504 (5) 07:05 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Air New Zealand NZ1704 07:05 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) British Airways BA7454 07:05 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) China Southern Airlines CZ7553 07:05 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Emirates EK5504 07:05 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) IndiGo 6E4708 07:05 Scheduled
Lord Howe Island (LDH) QantasLink QF2260 (2) 07:05 Scheduled
Lord Howe Island (LDH) Air New Zealand NZ7126 07:05 Scheduled
Lord Howe Island (LDH) China Eastern Airlines MU4114 07:05 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Qantas QF141 (8) 07:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Air Tahiti Nui TN1402 07:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) AlphaSky AS5033 07:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) American Airlines AA7335 07:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) British Airways BA7417 07:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) China Eastern Airlines MU4014 07:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Emirates EK5041 07:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Finnair AY5035 07:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Japan Airlines JL7881 07:10 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Rex ZL314 07:10 Scheduled
Gold Coast (OOL) Jetstar JQ402 (1) 07:10 Scheduled
Gold Coast (OOL) Qantas QF5402 07:10 Scheduled
Gold Coast (OOL) Virgin Australia VA505 (4) 07:10 Scheduled
Gold Coast (OOL) Etihad Airways EY6899 07:10 Scheduled
Gold Coast (OOL) Hawaiian Airlines HA4073 07:10 Scheduled
Gold Coast (OOL) Qatar Airways QR4269 07:10 Scheduled
Gold Coast (OOL) Singapore Airlines SQ6710 07:10 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Virgin Australia VA404 (4) 07:15 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Etihad Airways EY6456 07:15 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Hawaiian Airlines HA4048 07:15 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Qatar Airways QR4246 07:15 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Singapore Airlines SQ6876 07:15 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Virgin Australia VA551 (4) 07:15 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Etihad Airways EY6546 07:15 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Hawaiian Airlines HA4151 07:15 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Qatar Airways QR6315 07:15 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Singapore Airlines SQ6880 07:15 Scheduled
Hobart (HBA) Virgin Australia VA1528 (4) 07:20 Scheduled
Hobart (HBA) Etihad Airways EY6421 07:20 Scheduled
Hobart (HBA) Hawaiian Airlines HA4075 07:20 Scheduled
Hobart (HBA) Qatar Airways QR6348 07:20 Scheduled
Hobart (HBA) Singapore Airlines SQ6662 07:20 Scheduled
Launceston (LST) Jetstar JQ745 (1) 07:25 Scheduled
Launceston (LST) Qantas QF5745 07:25 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF415 (3) 07:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Air New Zealand NZ1815 07:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) British Airways BA7441 07:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Emirates EK5415 07:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA812 (4) 07:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Etihad Airways EY6765 07:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Hawaiian Airlines HA4128 07:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Singapore Airlines SQ6840 07:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) United Airlines UA7439 07:30 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Qantas QF1427 (3) 07:35 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Air France AF9675 07:35 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Air New Zealand NZ7173 07:35 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Emirates EK5270 07:35 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Link Airways VA630 (2) 07:35 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Etihad Airways EY6578 07:35 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Qatar Airways QR6350 07:35 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific CX110 (4) 07:35 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) British Airways BA4132 07:35 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) Finnair AY5092 07:35 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) MIAT Mongolian Airlines OM5623 07:35 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) Qatar Airways QR3470 07:35 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Emirates EK412 (1) 07:50 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Qantas QF8766 07:50 Scheduled
Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE402 (3) 07:55 Scheduled
Seoul (ICN) KLM KL9161 07:55 Scheduled
Seoul (ICN) MIAT Mongolian Airlines OM6522 07:55 Scheduled
Seoul (ICN) Virgin Atlantic VS5524 07:55 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ212 (7) 07:55 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Air France AF7247 07:55 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Bangkok Airways PG4728 07:55 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Lufthansa LH7213 07:55 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Swiss LX9089 07:55 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Turkish Airlines TK9305 07:55 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Virgin Australia VA5512 07:55 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Vistara UK8212 07:55 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Virgin Australia VA917 (3) 08:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Etihad Airways EY6794 08:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Hawaiian Airlines HA4157 08:00 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Singapore Airlines SQ6690 08:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF419 (4) 08:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Air New Zealand NZ1819 08:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) American Airlines AA7361 08:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) British Airways BA7445 08:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Emirates EK5419 08:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA816 (3) 08:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Etihad Airways EY6866 08:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Hawaiian Airlines HA4132 08:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Singapore Airlines SQ6810 08:00 Scheduled

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Flight Departures at Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport is found just 8 km from the Central Business District of Sydney, the largest city in Australia. Sydney is located along the eastern coastline of the continent, in New South Wales, and its airport is next to Botany Bay, in the suburb of Mascot. Due to its location, it is also known as the Mascot Airport, but its most common second name is the Kingsford Smith Airport, in honour of Charles Kingsford Smith, a pioneering Australian aviator. Sydney Airport handles over 44 million passengers per year, and is therefore Australia’s busiest airport. Departures from the airport are handled from the domestic and international terminals of Sydney Airport, and departing passengers will find all the facilities they require in each terminal.

Passengers on a departure flight from Sydney Airport can park their own vehicles at the airport’s parking facilities, and will find that major roadways provide easy access to the terminals. The main road from Sydney is the M1 Southern Cross Drive, while from the south western suburbs, the M5 South Western Motorway, or M5 Easy Freeway provides access. Important roads surrounding the airport complex include Marsh Street, General Holmes Drive, Foreshore Road, Botany Road, Airport Drive and Qantas Drive. Sydney Airport provides long and short term parking facilities for both the international and domestic terminals. Departing passengers may also arrive by bus, train or taxi. Sydney Buses offer services to the airport, and the Airport Link trains provide fast and efficient transport from Sydney’s Central Station, via a nine kilometer underground tunnel that was built for the Sydney Olympics. Taxis are available from all areas within the city.

Terminal 1 at Sydney Airport handles all international arrivals and departures, and is separated from the domestic terminals by a runway. Passengers who need to cross over to the airport’s domestic side will therefore transfer by bus, train or taxi. The international terminal is open from 03:00 to 23:30, as all flights at Sydney Airport are required to land or take-off between the hours of 06:00 and 23:00. This strict curfew has been put in place due to the airport’s close proximity with urban areas of the city. The international terminal is a three level construction, with a level each for arrivals, departures and airline offices, and the departure level features 200 check-in desks and six airline lounges. The lounges belong to the airline companies of Qantas, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Emirates. There are also 30 boarding gates served by aerobridges, as well as several remote bays. The airport can accommodate the large Airbus A380, which takes passengers to Los Angeles, Singapore, Dubai and Auckland.

The international terminal of Sydney Airport has undergone a major $500 million redevelopment, which included expansion of the departures level by 7,300 square meters, new outbound border control and security screening areas, new outbound baggage handling systems, new food and beverage outlets, new arrival level baggage reclaim carousels and more waiting areas and additional seating for passengers. In all the terminals of Sydney Airport, facilities are extensive, and of the highest quality. Every effort is made at the airport to ensure the comfort of all passengers, including those with disabilities and small children. Children’s play areas are found in the international terminal, and baby-changing rooms equipped with a microwave for warming milk and formula are provided. Many of the restaurants and snack bars provide child-friendly foods as well. Although the regulations surrounding the carrying of liquids on board aircraft are applicable in Australia, parents of small children may pack unlimited quantities of milk, formula and baby food needed for the duration of the flight in their hand luggage.

Disabled passengers in need of assistance at Sydney Airport should contact their airline company or travel agent at least 48 hours in advance of their departure flight, and also check if the airline company will require medical clearance. A meeting point is located in the international terminal between Pier B and Pier C, next to the toilet facilities. Disabled passengers will find the terminals to be completely accessible, with ramps, lifts and accessible toilets. Wheelchairs may also be borrowed for the time whilst in the terminals. Public phones are hearing aid compatible, and guide dogs for visually impaired passengers are welcome in the terminals of Sydney Airport. Further facilities include banking and currency exchange services, post offices, left baggage offices, pharmacies, internet connections, showers, prayer rooms and observation decks from where the airport activities can be viewed. Meeting and conference rooms are also available for up to 1000 guests, and with a variety of useful equipment.

The domestic terminals at Sydney Airport are known as Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, and serve the airline companies of Qantas and JetStar, for which the airport is a main hub. Sydney airport is also a hub for Virgin Australia, a carrier with departure flights to Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland and Christchurch. Qantas serves the destinations of London Heathrow, New York-JFK, Johannesburg, Frankfurt and Hong Kong, as well as many domestic destinations in Australia. Other popular airline companies at Sydney Airport are Tiger Airways Australia, Virgin Atlantic Airways, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Cathay Pacific, Air China, Air Canada and British Airways. The busiest domestic routes from Sydney Airport are to Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast Airports, while the busiest international routes are to Auckland, Singapore (Changi) and Hong Kong International Airports. Terminal 3 is mainly used by Qantas, and features a large Qantas Club lounge, as well as a dedicated Business Class and Chairman’s lounge.

Passengers on departure flights from Sydney Airport can ask for assistance from any of the Gold Ambassador volunteers who walk all terminals, and also man the information desks of the airport. They can be easily recognized as they all wear bright gold jackets.

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